Abusive dating advice

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If you have children, they will be able to shelter them as well.

They understand and will not judge you in your predicament. They will help you with legal matters such as obtaining temporary restraining orders.3. The National Domestic Violence website warns users to use a safe computer not accessible to the abuser as computer usage can be monitored quite easily. Yes, you need to take precautions so you can be safe before you leave this relationship.

Plus, be sure you know and respect your date's limits as well.

If you feel uncomfortable about a situation, say "no" clearly and confidently.

You'll see how your date-to-be gets along with others, and you'll get some good clues about what to expect from them.

If you can't hang out in a group before your first date, try to talk on the phone before you make plans to go out.

They mean well, but they could still be minimizing the abuse or you could jeopardize their safety by obtaining their help.

Call the at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or 1-800-787-3224.

While it's not always practical to become friends before dating someone, try to get to know your date through a group activity or a double-date before you go solo.Many women and men stay trapped in this cycle hoping that this time the abuse will stop.Fortunately, there are many organizations (local and national) that specifically have the resources to help you. Your friends and family members are not necessarily the best people to help you.You're always allowed to change your mind about something, too.If someone likes and respects you, they'll back off.

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