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And if you are drinking at a pub, be prepared to take turns buying the round.

Whether you are out on a date, or just out with friends, familiarise yourself with the notion of rounds.

If you don't show that you are keen or you care, they'll play it cool and probably take a hike in their John Lobb loafers, leaving you behind in the urban smog.

Learn from my errors- cocktails are not typically served in pubs aside from maybe a gin and tonic- never, under any circumstance, try to order a whisky sour. This probably won’t shock most girls, but I went to college in the South, and I can honestly say that my date/dates picked up every single cheque on a night out. Even if I offered to split the cheque, the answer was usually “no.” However, in England, if you offer to split the cheque be prepared for him to say yes.

They certainly are according to Leah Mc Laren, a blonde Canadian journalist whose recent article in The Spectator, "What's wrong with you guys", denigrating the romantic ways of the modern English male, has since been circulated in the qualities and the tabloids.

From my standpoint – I'm also a blonde Canadian journalist – she's wrong.

The man paying for everything isn’t as cultural here.

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I am an American that has lived and worked in London for just over four years as a literary agent.

This also includes politeness and reluctance to speak out.

Sometimes it makes me feel silly because I seem so over enthusiastic and loud.

London, like New York, is a huge metropolis where a lot of men playing the dating game suffer from the Big City Syndrome.

Until you are in – that is over his threshold, not just the passenger seat of his Jaguar – you are just another number.

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