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Neanderthal Man existed in the Kermanshah region during this period.

The known Paleolithic caves in this area are Warwasi, Qobeh, Malaverd and Do-Ashkaft Cave.

In May 2009, based on a research conducted by the University of Hamedan and UCL, the head of Archeology Research Center of Iran's Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization announced that the one of the oldest prehistorian village in the Middle East dating back to 9800 B.

P., was discovered in Sahneh, located west of Kermanshah.

The region was also one of the first places in which human settlements including Asiab, Qazanchi, Tappeh Sarab, Chia Jani, and Ganj-Darreh were established between 8,000-10,000 years ago.

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The city was harshly damaged during the Iran–Iraq War, and although it was rebuilt, it has not yet fully recovered.Within the dynasty known as the House of Kayus (also Kâvusakân) remained a semi-independent kingdom lasting until AD 380 before Ardashir II removed the dynasty's last ruling member. Under Seljuk rule in the eleventh century, it became the major cultural and commercial center in western Iran and the southern Kurdish-inhabited areas as a whole.The Safavids fortified the town, and the Qajars repulsed an attack by the Ottomans during Fath Ali Shah's rule (1797–1834).After the revolution in 1979, the city was named Ghahramanshahr for a short period of time, and later the name of the city as well as the province changed to Bakhtaran, apparently due to the presence of the word "Shah" in the original name.Bakhtaran means western, which refers to the location of the city and the province within Iran.

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