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A small but apparently very memorable role as the human incarnation of the titular ghost in Casper (1995) made Sawa immensely popular with any number of teenage girls; his popularity received an additional boost that same year, thanks to his role as the neighborhood bully who locks lips with Christina Ricci in Now and Then (the two had previously shared a screen kiss in Casper).More work followed, with Sawa starring in such straight-to-video releases as The Boys Club (1996) and Wild America (1997).Following work in local theatrical productions, the young actor secured an agent and began making appearances on various Canadian TV shows.Tiring of television, he broke into film with the 1994 kids' comedy Little Giants, in which he played the quarterback of a misfit football team.He stole The Boys Club from Sean Penn, had a jones for nature in Wild America, and was featured in Eminem's video "Stan." Sawa's solid work in thrillers Idle Hands, Final Destination, The Guilty, and Extreme Ops, and the frat comedy Slackers have made him a bonafide star.Father: Edward Sawa (mechanic)Mother: Joyce Sawa Brother: Brandon Sawa (b. 1986)Girlfriend: Alessia Lancia (dating since high school) Philly Kid (11-May-2012) · Jake 388 Arletta Avenue (11-Sep-2011) Endure (2010) · Zeth Arnold Creature of Darkness (31-Jan-2009) Shooting Gallery (27-Dec-2005) · Paul The Pawn Extreme Ops (27-Nov-2002) Slackers (1-Feb-2002) The Guilty (1-Jun-2000) · Nathan Corrigan Final Destination (16-Mar-2000) Idle Hands (30-Apr-1999) Around the Fire (10-Apr-1999) SLC Punk!Getty Images There are plenty of '90s heartthrobs still on the market, but one is off in a big way — Devon Sawa.The former Casper star just confirmed that he's expecting a son — in January — with his wife Dawni Sahanovitch.

In 2000, Sawa played the title character of the Eminem music video "Stan".

In the early 90's he landed a role on the Canadian television show "Kerrisdale High" (1992), on which all of the characters used their real names. He also appeared as Yudo on another Canadian show titled "The Odyssey" (1992).

This show also starred Ashleigh Aston Moore, who would later become his co-star in the movie Now and Then (1995).

Sawa kept a relatively low profile for the next couple of years, appearing in smaller films like Extreme Ops (2002) and Devil's Den (2006) before landing on the CW action series Nikita.

What started as a guest role in season 1 was expanded to a recurring gig in season 2, before being promoted to a series regular for season 3.

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