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The railroads provided large-scale development of the region's mineral wealth.Iron, coal, and steel quickly became central to the town of Johnstown.Perhaps the most famous passenger who traveled via the canal to visit Johnstown briefly was Charles Dickens in 1842.By 1854, canal transport became redundant with the completion of the Pennsylvania Railroad, which now spanned the state.Later generations would draw on lessons learned in 1889.In the early 20th century, the population reached 75,000 people.Johnstown, settled in 1770, has experienced three major floods in its history.

What had been a thriving steel town with homes, churches, saloons, a library, a railroad station, electric street lights, a roller rink, and two opera houses was buried under mud and debris.

By 1860, the Cambria Iron Company of Johnstown was the leading steel producer in the United States, outproducing steel giants in Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

Through the second half of the 19th century, Johnstown made much of the nation's barbed wire.

Floods were almost a yearly event in the valley during the 1880s.

On the afternoon of May 30, 1889, following a quiet Memorial Day ceremony and a parade, it began raining in the valley.

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