Most intimidating entrance music

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He has had close friendships with music industry insiders and started his own record label.

From his partnership and eventual falling out with 50 Cent, to his live ring entrance performances featuring Justin Bieber and Rick Ross, Mayweather, if anything, is unpredictable.

Nothing exemplifies what Manny means to the Philippines more than his ability to straddle many fields: professional singer, boxer and politician, who will be running for president of the Philippines soon.

He continues to live in the Philippines in his hometown of General Santos City, South Cotabato, despite the fact that his wealth affords him options to live anywhere.

The sport has brought out some of the most captivating and curious characters in professional sports.But still, his two recorded albums have gone platinum. Not following the proper protocol in karaoke in Manny’s country might get you murdered.When Manny winds down from training, he listens to Shakira, he says, because the rhythm of her songs are upbeat.The song, “Lalaban Ako Para sa Filipino” (Translation: “I Am Going to Fight for Filipinos”) recorded with composer Lito Camo includes lyrics about his commitment to the Filipino people.“When I enter an arena, I get overwhelmed by the sheer joy of entertaining my fans,” he said.

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