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Meg calls herself "very shy", and has kept a very low public profile.

Though publicly insisting they were siblings, public records emerged in 2001 that indicated that she and Jack were married in 1996, prior to the band's formation; they divorced in 2000, before The White Stripes ascended to international fame.

White has not been active in the music industry since.

Megan Martha White was born in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan on December 10, 1974, to Walter Hackett White, Jr. She grew up in the affluent Detroit suburb with her parents and older sister, Heather.

Jack has been a vocal advocate for her playing, calling her critics sexist.

Her musical influences are wide and varied, with Bob Dylan being her favorite artist.

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It may not restore him to It Dude status, but La Montagne’s third effort, sounds – in the best sense – like an early ‘70s Van Morrison record, loaded with warm acoustic guitars, strings, and the occasional touches of brass, with La Montagne’s pained soul croon hovering like smoke over everything.La Montagne’s debut, was an NPR record if there ever was one, but it was a breath of fresh air too powerful to resist.Though it wasn’t a major seller, it appealed to mothers-in-law and college kids alike, and for a few months, it seemed like RCA had lucked into the sort of crossover rock singer that wasn’t supposed to exist anymore. La Montagne’s sophomore release, 2006’s , scraped the Top 30 of Billboard’s Top Albums chart, but it didn’t register anywhere near the impact that its predecessor enjoyed; instead of building a slow, wide buzz, it peaked early and disappeared fast.They began dating and were eventually married on September 21, 1996. Throughout the 1990s, Jack worked as an upholsterer, but continued to moonlight in several bands, usually as a drummer.According to them, on Bastille Day of 1997, Meg first tried playing on Jack's drumkit.

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