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(Yeah, you would think a government agency would provide a single combined list, but they don't.)Firearms Technology Museum- An Australian museum focused on Tranter revolvers which has put their collection on line instead of being restricted to walk in visitors. He wrote the book that the rest of us refer to constantly.

Always an interesting variety of items in his 118 catalogs dating back to 1952.

- Curtis Steinhauer has produced "The Worlds Largest Cartridge Collecting Web Site" which focuses on identification of cartridges.

Massive tables showing dimensions, headstamps, makers, dates, etc with loads of photos. Info also available on CD for your future reference.

Highly recommended site for Mosin Nagant collectors to understand the diverse example that exist and some on their history and excellent tools for identification and understanding of various markings.

American Society of Arms Collectors- home of the prestigious, invitation only, group of very advanced collectors.

Evidence: Ms Alexander's investigation started after she discovered a photograph of a man in a 125-year-old locket (pictured) contained in Mary's belongings was that of the victim's husband, but one of Sir John He also matched a knife in Sir John's collection with the pathologist's description of the murder weapon and found that three medical slides from Sir John's collection contained smears from a human uterus.

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and even sell pre-cut parts if you are too lazy to make them yourself.Military Rifles in the Age of Transition - Exceptionally useful site loaded with info on non-U. black powder, metallic cartridge military rifles (1865-1888). Also has WW2 Ithaca shipping records and can provide "factor letter" on these guns. Nambu World - Very impressive and loaded with good info on ALL TYPES of Japanese WW2 arms.Well researched info (usually only found scattered piecemeal in obscure books) and photos to identify most models from this period. Keith Doyon deserves special thanks for this great site. For Japanese handguns and related material, just scroll down the main page.Good rates, excellent coverage options, and prompt settlement of claims. You can NOTThe Company of Military Historians - Highly respected group focusing on North American military history, especially Civil War and earlier, with many experts on uniforms, flags, artillery, etc. Curio & Relic Listing - Information on C&R FFLs and has links on left side to BATF's full list of what can be sold to holders of Curio and Relic FFLs.They insure both collections and business inventory. Be sure to check both the basic publication at the top, and ALL of the other updates which have hundreds of additional items listed. - Norm Flayderman was the most respected name in the antique arms business.

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