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What got my foot in the door wasn’t my expertise or my grades or my majors, it was my ability to convince the interviewers that I could learn quickly and handle whatever was thrown at me.Chances are high that many of you will be in the same position, with little more than summer jobs and volunteer experience (if that) to offer an employer.The employer wouldn’t be taking time out of their day to sit down with you if they didn’t assume you already met the basic requirements, and it’s “basic” that’s the key word here.The purpose of the interview isn’t to demonstrate that you’re qualified but that you’re more qualified than everyone else sitting out in the lobby waiting their turn.But of course, it’s not enough just to list them, you’re going to need to…As with your resume, providing the employer with exact numbers and figures will put you miles ahead of the competition, even competitors far more experienced than you.We’re not used to thinking about ourselves, much less talking about ourselves, in terms of what we can offer to an employer.The reason we’re so quick to respond to the question of “Tell me about yourself” with information about our personal lives is because that’s primarily what we use to define ourselves.

Using them as your opening selling points is like trying to sell a house on the merit of it having walls, a roof, and basic plumbing.

If that’s not as strong as it could be (and for our age group, it typically isn’t), back it up with relevant coursework.

Follow that up with a list of the programs you can run, the tools you can handle, the machines you can operate, the products you can sell – whatever it is that’s relevant to work you’re hoping to do.

It’s a simple case of “the devil you know”, and you need to make sure that it’s you.

In addition to doing mock interviews for my agency, I’ve done a few actual hires as well.

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