Updating ms access table from form

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If you have not taken either of these actions, you can still enable the query for the current database session by clicking Enable Content on the Message Bar.

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Tip: Back up your database before you run an update query.

the UPDATE statement is especially useful when you want to change many records or when the records that you want to change are in multiple tables.

I have a form created using a query where nine payments are tracked by date. My form is totaling the payments because of the following in the Control Source of the properties for the “Payment Total”: =[txt Payment1Amount] [txt Payment2Amount] [txt Payment3Amount] [txt Payment4Amount] [txt Payment5Amount] [txt Payment6Amount] [txt Payment7Amount] [txt Payment8Amount] [txt Payment9Amount]My problem is the table that should be updated when the form is closed is not picking up the total. jrtaylor jrtaylor, I think by your explanation that you have an UNBOUND textbox on your form.

If the original value is in the form of a valid Internet Protocol (IP) address (four number triplets separated by a period: nnn.nnn) and the numbers happen to coincide with a Web address, the conversion results in a valid link.

Otherwise, Access appends to the beginning of each value, and the resulting links are not valid.

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