Validating multiple email addresses

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Start Now With our real-time online API you can validate email addresses right at the point of entry.This allows your visitors to correct errors instantly, and only valid email addresses will be accepted.Our email list validation & email list cleanup service cleans CRM systems and customer databases from outdated or invalid email addresses and protects our clients from getting blacklisted and ruining their email sender reputation.For each address, you get a detailed validation result.

You'd be surprised at some examples of valid e-mail addresses. Our online real-time email verification API can be easily integrated in websites and applications and provides a detailed validation status for each email address.Code examples are available in several programming languages.Start Now A recent Return Path study shows that bad email sender reputation, and not content, is responsible in 83% of all cases where email does not reach the intended recipients.To protect your email sender reputation, do not accept bad email addresses, and regularly check your email lists and databases to make sure your email addresses are still good to use.

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