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She made up a story that no one would want just her, and then blamed him for it.It’s a decision, not a personality trait—it involves a specific set of choices and actions that any person is physically capable of making/doing.I mean you must teach him how to treat you, so that he has to initiate, make an effort, and earn the thing he wants.She lied, and sold out on what she really wanted, in order to make him like her.It’s the way you live your life together—and can you think of a better way than to continue to impress and engage and deserve each other?

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We're afraid that as soon as we leave, as soon as we decide to let go and move on, he will come around and want that committed relationship, and we will miss the kind of relationship with him we'd been waiting and holding on for so long for.” I didn’t say “Oh, well, it’s fine — I’m down for whatever.” I didn’t force him into having The Talk (read why to avoid this).So I made sure that I blew his mind and made him earn it.I’m far more committed to something I’ve invested in than something that was lobbed at me.I mean the great stuff he loves about being with you.

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