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I do not, though, share your enthusiasm on her account.

Her voice is agreeable, but already somewhat damaged and not entirely reliable; there is a poetic, unconscious element in her, that is true, but as for the artistic or theatrical element which a singer needs, however you wish to call it, that is weakly developed in her, and she does not have a distinctive physiognomy of her own.

As the composer's brother Modest later recalled: "With her unconditional devotion, affectionate solicitude, and tactfulness she won the respect and gratitude of all those around her.

In 1863, Yelizaveta, who had by then lost her first husband, became acquainted with the Tchaikovsky family in Saint Petersburg, and two years later, she became the third wife of the composer's father, Ilya Tchaikovsky (1795–1880).

I like to read books about life which have deep sense.

I imagine my future partner to be a loving, caring, honest man who will appreciate a deep loving relationship.

Please don't call me a cynic, but she is far too good a woman to be able to become a great artiste.

For it is the admixture of darkness (des Trüben) which gives colour to light, whereas she is exceedingly bright and pure" She was also a professor at the Moscow Conservatory from 1888 until her death in 1919, and by marriage to Prince Pyotr Nikolayevich Tsertelev, an official at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, she became Princess Tserteleva, but retained the surname Lavrovskaya for her musical career.

Report N1 (added on February, 4, 2016) I have communicate with Yelizaveta for one month with Viber. She insisted because it was better to make it with the same travel agency of Visa and wrote to me that if I didn't believe to her she could send me back the money. Of course I have never got back the money and never hear again from her.

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I believe that when you remain positive, you summon well-being, and vanquish any illness.

I am able to listen and to understand, I like sharing thoughts and feelings with my partner, being always open for communication and I am easy to find a compromise with.

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